The Punisher


A pair of The Punisher cufflinks for men.

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What Are They Made Of?

Copper alloy is the material of which they’re made. They come in black and silver, with a fastening end in silver of the same material. They are of a standard size that would go with all shirts for any occasion.

Gift Box

Cufflinks are not sold in boxes, so if you’re buying them for someone make sure to add a box to your cart and save yourself extra effort trying to find a box somewhere else.

Exclusive Discounts

You can have an immediate discount on large orders (10 pairs of novelty cufflinks and above). All you need to do is contact us via e-mail and inform us of your needs.

The Punisher

“This is not vengeance. Revenge is not a valid motive, it’s an emotional response. No, not vengeance. Punishment.”

Says The Punisher, a vigilante who sets himself a judge that performs all kinds of vengeful acts as means to avenge his family’s death, and later to fight crime, due to the absence of law’s justice. The Punisher is an imaginary character originally created by Marvel Comics featuring a man with multiple skills who got trained in the U.S army and the U.S navy and obtains special powers and agility that help him in his path to achieve justice his own way. The unique skull illustrated on his suit has the power to intimidate his enemies, also imply strength and zero fear of death. In its black and silver colors and that notable grim in its eyes, that skull shows both power and uniqueness.

A couple of The Punisher cufflinks in the shape of the “skull” has the same influence on a guy’s appearance. Put them on your French Cuffs and see how they can suit all the colors you have. They are designed in a way to match several outfits, and wearing them will not confine you to a specific dressing style. Do not hesitate to purchase a pair of The Punisher cufflinks; they have the power to force people’s attention to your prominent finery. Many customers also like our angry bird cufflinks for men.