The Flash


A pair of The Flash Cufflinks for men.

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Characteristics of the Cufflinks

They are colored in bright red and yellow with a white background, which make them suitable for dark and light colors.

The size of these superhero cufflinks is a regular one, and that makes them go with any shirt.

They are made of the finest copper alloy.

Consider Buying a Box

Make sure to buy a cufflink box for your cufflinks since they are sold separately.

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Flash is the name of a fictional superhero created by DC Comics. This character appeared for the first time in comics during the 40s of the previous century. Flash is a normal guy called “Jay Garrick” who accidentally inhales the vapors of hard water whilst working on them in his lab as a high school student who is really into science.

This water contains a large amount if minerals and consequently, “Jay” starts to gain unusual super-human speed with everything he does. The inhalation of hard water vapors managed to speed up his reflexes and made him talk, think and move much faster than a normal human being.

When an attempt of assassination is aborted by him, “Jay” starts to consider using his super powers to fight crime. He creates a costume with a lightning bold covering his chest, which indicates his exclusive power of speed. In the 1960s, DC Comics created another successive version of Flash who was a police scientist who similarly gets affected by chemicals and gains his super powers.

DC Comics in later issues made the two Flash guys meet as two super heroes from separate dimensions. They unite their powers and fight crime together, but then Golden Age Flash, “Jay Garrick” eventually retires but promises to return once needed. Furthermore, Flash appeared in several other media including cartoon, movies and video games.

This stylish pair of Flash cufflinks with such bright and attractive colors can be an amazing gift to your friend who appreciates fashion and cares to have a chic appearance. Buy another pair for yourself and match it with a dark suit or even a casual outfit. They are awesome!