Superman – Red and Yellow


A pair of superman cufflinks in red and yellow.

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Size, Material and Color

These stylish cufflinks for men are 18 x 18mm in size. It’s actually a normal size that will fit most shirts with appropriate fench cuffs. They are made of metal (a copper alloy) and are painted in red and yellow.

Need a Box?

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When the world is threatened by a super-villain, who we need is Superman. Likewise, when your cuffs are in disarray and a simple button is too boring for your taste, what you’ll need is a pair of Superman cufflinks. Why choose this one over any of the other superhero cufflinks? Simply because Superman is the strongest of all superheroes!

Superman comics and movies are about Kal-El who was sent to earth by his father just a moment before Krypton, their planet was destroyed. Kal-El was raised by a human couple and he was known as Clark Kent. Growing up, he noticed that he actually has superhuman power. Superman was so invincible but there’s one catch; Kryptonite makes him weak.

People around the world love Superman so much. In 2013, the movie Man Of Steel was released in cinemas. It was a reboot and deals with the origin of Superman so anyone can enjoy it, even those who are new to the series. There’s no wonder that these cool cufflinks are getting popular too. Just check the trailer below:

Use these Superman clothing accessories and feel confident of your amazing self. Who knows, it might even help you attract your own Lois Lane. Just stay away from a Kryptonite; your cufflinks might not be able to stand them.