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A pair of Star Trek cufflinks for men from our novelty cufflink collection

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Size and Material

These cufflinks are approximately 8mm x 22mm in size. It’s a standard size that will fit all shirts with fench cuffs. They are made of a copper alloy and are painted in white and black. The pin is of a stylish silver plated color.

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Star Trek

We can’t just get enough of Star Trek. Now you can even have your own Star Trek cufflinks! Which is certainly a more discrete way to demonstrate your love for the movies than wearing the Star Trek Uniforms!

If for any reason you’re not familiar with Star Trek, a quick google search will tell you just how successful this franchise is. The reboot of the movie in 2009 by J. J. Abrams was so successful that they decided to make a sequel called Star Trek: Into The Darkness, which was released in 2013.

Star Trek is the story of James T. Kirk, the son of the best captain of all time, who was killed while fighting time-traveling Romulans. Kirk helps Mr. Spock fight off these same Romulans to save the whole universe from their evil intentions.

Had Sheldon known about this product, there’s no doubt he would have bought lots of Star Trek cufflinks. If you watch Big Bang Theory, you will remember that the lead character Sheldon Cooper’s favourite fictional character is Spock. He even made his own game of rock-scissor-paper, in which he incorporated Star Trek’s character Spock.

These Star Trek cufflinks are so cool, even Captain Kirk and Spock will bow down to you. Get this awesome piece of Star Trek jewelry now!