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A pair of Harley Davidson cufflinks for men.

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Size and Material

The size of these novelty cufflinks is roughly 16mm x 21mm, which is pretty much a regular size for mens cufflinks. They are made of metal, a copper alloy, to be exact and the pin is black gun plated.

Gift Box

If you are buying this item as a gift, make sure to consider adding the gift box, as it is not included with the cufflinks.

Special Events

If you are buying these for a special events (business conference, sport event, wedding etc) and need more 10 pairs of cufflinks, contact us. We can offer discounted price on large orders.

Harley Davidson

Trust us, a pair of Harley Davidson cufflinks is what you need.

In 2013, Harley Davidson celebrated its 110th anniversary. In Rome, where they kicked off the anniversary celebration, around 35,000 motorcycles joined the event. This only tells you how a lot of people love the company. Harley Davidson motorcycles are classic-looking and very dependable; These are only two of the reasons why many go for their products.

It’s only fitting that during this important event, you have a proof that you love the brand. Of course, you can ride your trusty Harley Davidson bike, but what about parties? You can’t just bring your vehicle inside an hotel. This is where a pair of Harley Davidson cufflinks will be helpful.

As you past that wine, someone will surely notice your new stainless-steel Harley cufflinks. They will love it. They will want one. They might even want to borrow your lovely cufflinks. Don’t say we didn’t warn you. That is understandable though. With these excellent-looking Harley Davidson cufflinks, who wouldn’t want one?