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pair of cadillac cufflinks for men from our car cufflinks collection

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About This Product

Our Cadillac cufflinks are designed to replicate the company’s logo with its distinctive colors. Each pair has the following colors in it: yellow, black, blue, red and white. They are made of copper alloy and are roughly about 19×20 mm in size. It is important to note that the cufflinks are sold separately, so be sure to buy an additional cufflink box to keep your cufflinks inside it. This is such an easy step that would save you the effort of buying it from another place. You can get a big order with a special price! We offer a discount for purchases of at least ten cufflinks from our website. Contact us by e-mail for more details.


It is an obvious fact that men love cars and depend on them for many daily tasks as well as for social recognition. Basically, men prefer to buy and drive cars that are luxurious and those that can function perfectly, even if these cars are expensive. The point here is not to get a car for a good price as much as it is to find a fast and powerful car no matter how much it costs. Cadillac is a division of General Motors Company, an American-based cars manufacturer that specifies in marketing luxurious cars. Cadillac mainly markets its cars in China, Canada and of course the US; it was created in the early 1900s and named after the explorer who founded the State of Detroit. This division of GM has been famous for its comfortable cars made for mature men, and recently many designs were created to suit the younger generation as well. Cadillac cars today are known for their strong engines, cozy luxurious interior designs and elegant exteriors.

These Cadillac logo cufflinks are going to elegantly ornament your French cuffed shirt in a matchless sense of classiness. They come in a multicolored design of the company’s logo, which makes them appropriate for any shirt color you would like to wear. Whether you are a Cadillac fan or happen to own a car of that brand, or may be a Cadillac employee, this pair of car cufflinks is certainly a smart addition to your clothes. Be more daring and wear them instead of sticking to just a regular plain-looking pair that has nothing special about it. Cadillac cufflinks will easily match any formal or casual outfit and express a refined fashion sense of yours.

Choosing to wear cufflinks is a sign of an elite taste, but what is more important is to always be aware of picking the right pair of these men’s jewelry to successfully create a look that is beyond compare.