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A pair of Bentley cufflinks for men from the car themed cufflink collection.

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Color and Shape

Just like all of our novelty cufflinks, these are made of copper alloy, colored mainly in silver with a little bit of black. Their size is almost 22×8 mm, and they are designed as a replica of Bentley’s logo.

Want a Cufflink Box?

Be sure to buy a box through our website. This step is really easy and won’t take time. When you receive our cufflinks they won’t come in a box, so that is why it is important to consider buying one.

Discount on Large Orders

We provide a discount on special orders or 10 cufflink pairs or more. We only need to be informed of the details through e-mail, and then you will get an instant discount on your order.


Many car fans around the globe consider Bentley cars to be bizarre, speedy and easy to drive. One of the latest cars made by Bentley is called “GT speed”, and it is definitely so called for a reason. It is capable of running a number of miles on the road in a few seconds regardless of its heavy weight. It is a car that is very luxurious as well as safe to ride. This car, and Bentley cars in general, are considered more charismatic than many other cars.

And speaking of charisma, a man’s charm and magnetism is basically evaluated by how he looks. That explains how important it is for any man to pay a lot of attention to everything he chooses to wear, to the perfume he uses, to his general appearance, etc…  It is really simple to maintain an impressive look by picking nice ornaments which can add the right touch of posh to your look.

Consider wearing Bentley cufflinks and watch how they add a lot of charm to your outfits. Bentley is the icon of luxury and class, and when a pair of Bentley logo cufflinks is attached to a shirt for a formal event, the whole appearance transforms into that of a dapper gentleman. What are you waiting for? Order this nice piece of Bentley jewelry today and be the man who captures the attention in any party, business meeting or even casual outing you attend.