Angry bird


A pair of red angry bird cufflinks for men.

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Information on This Product

The Angry Birds cufflinks are made of the best copper alloys and colored in bright red, with black, white and yellow for the bird’s features. They are of a regular size that can easily go with all French cuffs and adorn them beautifully. Please be informed that our cufflinks are sold without boxes, so it is important to buy a cufflink box for any pair you purchase to keep them in it. You can have an instant discount on a large order of ten pairs of cufflinks or more. All you have to do to get it is simply send us an e-mail with the details of your order and you will be immediately entitled for a discount.

Angry Birds

Towards the end of the year 2009, a video games developer company from Finland created the Angry Birds, which became a popular video game series in all over the world. It was first made for Apple’s iPhones and, due to its huge popularity, further versions were created for other phone systems like Android, Windows phone operating systems and other smartphones. As a result, this game started to gain strong fame and has had a huge fan base ever since it was created, which let it to invade the video game consoles’ and the computer games’ world.

The Angry Birds game is really easy and quite addictive, where the player uses the “birds” as a weapon by throwing them on the “pigs” to destroy them. The means to throw birds is by using a slingshot. As the player advances in the game, the levels tend to get harder and more challenging. There is also a new type of birds with different features and abilities introduced each other level to help the player eliminate the pigs.

This design of novelty cufflinks can be very attractive and will add a lot of glamour to a casual wear once coordinated properly with the rest of the accessories and the colors of the whole outfit. With their notable bright red color featuring the shape of the main bird in the game, your outfit will be uniquely and elegantly ornamented, especially if you are wearing a semi-formal suit of a dark color. These bird cufflinks will make a perfect gift for an Angry Birds fan, and will definitely show that you are a friend with a refined taste who cares to choose suitable and unique gifts.

Undoubtedly, cufflinks are accessories for men that can provide a guy with an undeniable elegant appearance for either formal or informal occasions. And nowadays, it is acceptable to wear cufflinks of golden or silver colors during daytime or evenings equally, unlike the old beliefs which stated that the accessories of a golden color, or made of gold, should be worn during the mornings and afternoons, while those made of silver for late afternoon and evenings.